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Life-changing eye-opening compact book

By Lisa Marie Gomes 
Format: Paperback Amazon Verified Purchase
I am so thankful that my friend picked up a copy of this book for me and it is perhaps the best gift I have gotten all year! This book truly changed my life. It made me examine the person that I am, the people that I know, why we do the things we do and how I could make healthy relationship decisions in the future. This book is just over 100 pages and fits easily in my purse but it is full of juicy tidbits of information that helped me assess my childhood, family ties, adulthood and relationships with friends and lovers. I did the exercises alone and then I did them with another person. I loved the book so much that I reached out to the author and made a bulk order. I plan on giving these books out to friends and family for holidays or just because and I will be using the book in a workshop/retreat that I am planning in the new year. Thank you, Kristen Crockett for giving me the tools to learn even more about myself and grow. Your book has truly helped me ascend.

Loved it!

By Lisa on October 19, 2012
Format: Paperback Amazon Verified Purchase
This is a must read! The author is so pointed with her thoughts and her observations are so real. I loved it!

A Fresh Look At Relationships

By DS 
Format: Paperback
I can honestly say this is the most enlightening, eye opening, and refreshing book on relationships that I have ever read. It was obviously written by someone who knows the subject well, and it sheds light on many "do's and don'ts" as you approach a potential dating partner. Ms. Crockett is quite wise in her writing and she shares many insights. She gives wonderful advice, but the best part about the book are the questions and activities which she creates and infuses throughout the book. This give the reader pause and time to reflect. Ultimately, such reflection could very well lead to a person saving themselves quite a few headaches in a relationship that was doomed from the start. I like the thought with which Ms. Crockett examines the nuances of a potential relationship, and I even like how the title suggests that each person we have dated - even though it may not have seemed it at the time - has given us something from which we can learn. The chapter entitled "Never go shopping when you are hungry," is a must read! I thoroughly recommend this book!

Best Book I've Read in a While

By Julie Livingston on April 5, 2012
Format: Paperback Amazon Verified Purchase
I am not a big reader but I have had some of the worst relationships you can imagine and people kept saying you need to read Men are from Mars Women are from Venus and I thought about it started looking around at books and came across this one and once I began reading it I didn't put it down until I was finished. It doesn't tell you how to manipulate a man like a lot of books do it shows you how to look at things differently so they won't bother you as much or you can understand why a man or woman does the things he does. It also shows you a lot of things about your past that you don't realize that could be a bigger problem in your relationship than you realize. I feel like this book has truly helped me and it maybe to late in my current relationship but I know now that the next time I begin a relationship it will be a lasting one!!