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You Are Ready To Find Love.

  • Do people ask you why you are still single?

  • Are you unhappy with the people you are attracting in-person or online?

  • Are you optimistic about finding love and romance?

  • Are you battling with the fear of settling or ending up alone?

  • Is love the missing piece in your life?


You Are Ready to Work on Yourself.

  • Are you ready for a change?

  • Are you ready to explore what you need and what makes you happy?


You Are Ready For More.

  • Are you ready to move forward but aren't necessarily sure how to take the next step?

  • Do you feel trapped in a relationship or job and are ready to explore possibilities?


Testimonials from Coaching Clients

Kristen took me further in five minutes than a coach I had for 3 months.
— Melissa S.
Kristen put the puzzle pieces together for me, the non-obvious pieces of my past that color my present. She helped me figure out the connection and how they affect me, my choices, and my repeated mistakes. She helped me figure out the why behind it all and gave me the path, tools, and action steps to do something different.
— Lisa R.
Kristen makes sense out of layers of nonsense. You give her a whole bag full of relationships, life, and stories and she is able to connect it and pull it all together. She is so connected to people and to the world. She has a sincere nature but is also willing and able to be honest. She makes everything make sense and then provides you with the resources to help you reach your goals.
— Tiffany B.

Does it feel like attracting someone with your values is getting harder and harder? 

At times, it seems like attracting the right person is almost impossible. And you have the dating stories to prove it. 

Even when you find someone interesting enough to make it to the first date, it doesn't last.

It’s time to learn how to get beyond that first date.

This workshop will help you do just that.

Kristen Crockett, creator of the blog MidLoveCrisis and author of The Gift of Past Relationships, will help you explore how to attract the right person in your life and find the love you deserve.

Over brunch, you’ll learn how to:

  • Attract better quality matches for a great first date and beyond
  • Ask the right questions 
  • Navigate questions about your past and other tough subjects
  • Attract matches who share your interests and values
  • And much more!

Plus, you will meet other like-minded local professionals and entrepreneurs who are also looking to attract more love in their lives and can support you in your journey.


  • A 60-Minute fun and interactive session hosted by Kristen Crockett
  • 30-Minute Q & A Session
  • Brunch and Mimosas
  • Free Swag Bag

Kristen Crockett is passionate about empowering women to find happiness. She helps women love, find love, and love what they do. Kristen is the creator of popular relationship blog, MidLoveCrisis.com, and the author of The Gift of Past Relationships. Kristen met her husband on a popular dating site.  She lives with her husband and kids in Washington, D.C.

The Game of Scenarios (Relationship Edition)

Relationship scenarios that spark conversation. Perfect for parties, get-togethers, game night, and family reunions.  

A third of American couples who got married between 2005 and 2012, met through an online dating site.

Source: National Academy of Sciences

I am one of them. Read more about my story and much, Much more in my blog.


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