I'm Kristen Crockett and I work with women who are ready for more. I am the person who works with you to get rid of the weeds, rocks, and everything else that is in your way so that you can live, love, and lead.

    I help individuals & Groups...



    Say Yes to You

     Create Work/Life Balance

    Grow Your Business

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    Improve Your Relationships

    Attract the Love You Deserve

    Work On Loving YOU




    Grow Your Leadership Skills

    Navigate Your Career Options

    Ask For What You Want


    What does MidLoveCrisis mean?

    By definition, to be in crisis means that you are at a turning point in your life. It is your make it or break it moment that can define what happens next.

    But being in a crisis doesn't have to be a bad thing. It helps you draw that line in the sand that empowers you to demand more from life. It helps you discover what fills you up and what drains you.

    • MidLoveCrisis is about shifting your mindset from making decisions based on how you grew up, into decisions that reflect who you want to be.
    • MidLoveCrisis is about shifting the attitudes and behaviors that are hindering you from growing into your 'fabulousness'.
    • MidLoveCrisis is about adding new tools to your toolbox to enhance your life and your path to success.

    • MidLoveCrisis is about moving beyond working solely for a paycheck, into a career that speaks to your heart and purpose. 

    • MidLoveCrisis is about redefining how you love people and how you accept love into your life. It is about growing into relationships that operate outside of crisis and understanding what it means to be in a healthy, authentic, loving relationship, without sacrificing who you are.

    You are here because...


    You Are Ready For More.

    • Are you ready to break through patterns that may be holding you back?

    • Are you ready to explore new possibilities, new relationships, or new career options?

    • Are you ready to move forward but aren't necessarily sure how to take the next step?

    You Are Ready to Work on Yourself.

    • Are you ready for a change?

    • Are you ready to strengthen your relationship skills?

    • Are you ready to find out what really makes you happy?

    • Are you ready to develop the skills you need to excel in life or your career?

    You Are Ready to Boost Your Confidence & Move Beyond Fear.

    • Are you ready to live the life you want?

    • Are you ready to create your own happiness?

    • Are you ready to step into your purpose?

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