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After I finished law school, I met lawyer after lawyer who shared one thing in common: they were unhappy in their careers

Television and movies made us all think that lawyers were successful, cutting-edge, fabulously wealthy people who woke up happy. From Claire from The Cosby Show, to Joan from Girlfriends, we never saw attorneys wrestling with work-life balance, illness, or wanting to find their purpose in life.

At a friend's house, I was introduced to another attorney.  She asked me, "Are you practicing or recovering?" And that question stayed with me for months. 

Months later, I met a man who told me that he literally tried to walk as slow as possible from his subway stop to his job, because he hated what he did that much.

My own job started to affect my health, my relationships, my optimism, and everything around me.  I lived for Fridays and I felt trapped.

After weeks of continuous travel, I found myself on a plane in the middle of the worst turbulence I'd ever been through. I literally thought I was going to die. I asked myself, "If this plane goes down, will I be happy with my life?"

That was enough for me to quit my job and search for what really made me happy. 

When I stepped in front of a room of fifty people, I felt at home. And I eventually went into the field of coaching, developing leaders, jump-starting passion, and connecting people to their purpose.

I also met my husband online, a true partner who has supported me every step of the way. We helped each other make it through a cancelled wedding (we were scheduled to get married at the Navy Yard the week of the mass shooting), my father's death from cancer, my mother-in-law's breast cancer, and much, much more.

When I found happiness, I wrote the book, The Gift of Past Relationships, and created the blog and business, MidLoveCrisis, to enable people to find out what makes them happy and create the life they want.

If you are trying to get it right, feel trapped, want more, or need to move beyond fear into our greatness, I am here to help you do all of this and more.


Kristen's Official Bio

Kristen Crockett is dedicated to empowering women to go from good to great in in their life, love, and career. She is the author of the book, The Gift of Past Relationships, and is the founder of the blog, MidLoveCrisis, a blog about love, life, and relationships.

Kristen offers 20 years of life coaching, executive coaching, leadership development, growing teams, and personal transformation experience. Prior to developing leaders and growing relationships, Kristen worked as an attorney and is admitted to the bar in the District of Columbia. A native Washingtonian, Kristen also worked in the education field as a consultant and facilitator for a non-profit that helped students get into college, and as an administrator for a local high school.

In 2013, Kristen was hired as the Director of Learning & Development for Radio One, a national multi-media conglomerate.  She jump-starts passion, connects people and departments, and gives leaders the tools they need to grow.  Kristen travels across the country providing interactive leadership and management sessions to employees in 17 different cities.  She also oversees the company’s year-long Mentor Program which accelerates the growth, leadership, and management skills of twelve young managers and gives senior leaders an opportunity to share their knowledge and experience.

When Kristen met her husband, she decided to merge her experience designing workshops and curriculum along with her facilitation skills, to help people improve their interpersonal communication and understand more about who they are and what they need in a relationship.  She launched a series of interactive workshops mixing people who were single, married, and divorced, all into one room.  The success of her workshops led to her blog and her book, The Gift of Past Relationships.

Kristen’s energy transforms audiences. She is known for infusing sessions and keynotes with laughter, insight, and lessons that shift mindsets and provide individuals with the tools they need to elevate their personal and professional lives. 

As an executive and life coach, Kristen helps women show up, unpack their professional and personal baggage, holds them to their word, and pushes them into greatness. She believes that there is almost nothing worse than being stuck in a job, relationship, or life that doesn't make you happy.

When Kristen is not captivating a room or coaching, she is jumping on a plane, trying out the latest local restaurant, or spending the evening laughing or playing board games with her husband and kids in D.C,

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If you have ever confided in your hairstylist, eyebrow lady, or nail technician, you are exactly why Bo Bogard created his podcast, Your B Code

For years, women have been asking for his advice on everything from how to style their hair to whether they should break up with their man. That's where I come in. 

Bo invited me to is podcast for a conversation about love, attraction, relationships, and everything in between.

What if your man doesn't like your natural hair? Should you change it? What if your interracial boyfriend seems to like your hair more than you?

Join us on Your B Code as we talk about changing to be in a relationship and how to attract the right relationship.

Head to bit.ly/midlovecrisispodcast to check me out on two podcasts:


About midlovecrisis

What does Midlovecrisis mean?

  • MidloveCrisis is about moving beyond working solely for a paycheck, into a career that speaks to your heart and purpose. 

  • Midlovecrisis is about adding new tools to your toolbox to enhance your relationships and your path to success.

  • Midlovecrisis is about shifting the attitudes and behaviors that are hindering you from growing into your fabulousness.

  • MidloveCrisis is about redefining how you love people and how you accept love into your life. It is about growing into relationships that operate outside of crisis and understanding what it means to be in a healthy, authentic, loving relationship, without sacrificing who you are.

  • Midlovecrisis is about shifting your mindset from making decisions based on how you grew up, into decisions that reflect who you want to be.


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