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After I finished law school, I met lawyer after lawyer who shared one thing in common: they were unhappy in their careers

Television and movies made us all think that lawyers were successful, cutting-edge, fabulously wealthy people who woke up happy. From Claire from The Cosby Show, to Joan from Girlfriends, we never saw attorneys wrestling with work-life balance, illness, or wanting to find their purpose in life.

At a friend's house, I was introduced to another attorney.  She asked me, "Are you practicing or recovering?" And that question stayed with me for months. 

Months later, I met a man who told me that he literally tried to walk as slow as possible from his subway stop to his job, because he hated what he did that much.

My own job started to affect my health, my relationships, my optimism, and everything around me.  I lived for Fridays and I felt trapped.

After weeks of continuous travel, I found myself on a plane in the middle of the worst turbulence I'd ever been through. I asked myself, "If this plane goes down, will I be happy with my life?"

I eventually left the legal world and It took me some time to find out what I was meant to do.  When I stepped in front of a room of fifty people, I felt at home. And I eventually went into the field of coaching, developing leaders, jump-starting passion, and connecting people to their purpose.

I also met my husband online, a true partner who has supported me every step of the way. We helped each other make it through a cancelled wedding (we were scheduled to get married at the Navy Yard the week of the mass shooting), my father's death from cancer, my mother-in-law's breast cancer, and much, much more.

When I found happiness, I wrote the book, The Gift of Past Relationships, and created the blog and business, MidLoveCrisis, to enable people to find out what makes them happy and create the life they want.

We all suffer from insecurities, trying to get it right, feeling trapped, wanting more, and trying to move beyond fear into our greatness. I am here to help you do all of this and more.


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About midlovecrisis

What does Midlovecrisis mean?

  • MidloveCrisis is about moving beyond working solely for a paycheck, into a career that speaks to your heart and purpose. 

  • Midlovecrisis is about adding new tools to your toolbox to enhance your relationships and your path to success.

  • Midlovecrisis is about shifting the attitudes and behaviors that are hindering you from growing into your fabulousness.

  • MidloveCrisis is about redefining how you love people and how you accept love into your life. It is about growing into relationships that operate outside of crisis and understanding what it means to be in a healthy, authentic, loving relationship, without sacrificing who you are.

  • Midlovecrisis is about shifting your mindset from making decisions based on how you grew up, into decisions that reflect who you want to be.


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