25 Ways To Love Yourself

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Every single time we say no to what we want and yes to someone else, we put others before us. It is so easy to forget about our needs. Check out this list and choose one good thing to start doing for yourself.

  1. Treat yourself to a massage, manicure, or pedicure.
  2. Buy a book of quotes and read one for inspiration every day. (My favorite is Anne Wilson Schaef’s, “Meditations for Women Who Do Too Much.”)
  3. Forgive yourself for one thing from your past.
  4. Write yourself a letter. Focus on your strengths and incredible qualities. Pull it out and read it whenever you need extra encouragement.
  5. Meditate for 15 minutes.
  6. Attend a yoga or exercise class.
  7. Go for a walk or a run.
  8. Treat yourself to new underwear or a new bra.
  9. Browse the bookstore by yourself. Find a quiet nook and indulge in a book.
  10. Use an expo pen on a mirror or window to write five great things about you or five accomplishments.
  11. Say no to one thing that will not feed your soul or make you happy.
  12. Treat yourself to your favorite restaurant. Take a friend or sit at the bar.
  13. Go shopping and buy one thing just for you.
  14. Leave work early or right on time to do something relaxing or fun.
  15. Go to a museum with a friend.
  16. Cut off the television and read a chapter from a new book.
  17. Watch your favorite movie.
  18. Take six deep breaths with your eyes closed.
  19. Post your favorite quotes around your home, cubicle, or office.
  20. Enjoy a glass of your favorite wine or drink.
  21. Skip the scale today.
  22. Turn off your phone, shut off the television, and go to bed early.
  23. Take a long hot shower or bath by candlelight. Throw on your favorite soothing music or read a chapter from a book.
  24. Choose not to share that mean joke or picture on social media. Instead, fill up the space with a great story, piece of advice, line from a poem, or a quote from an incredible author.
  25. Choose one day this month to get up early and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee at home.

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If I say yes to everyone, I am saying no to myself. #LovePills