3 Things You Should Never Talk About in a Relationship

It’s no secret that great communication is needed in a relationship.  But great communication doesn’t include telling your significant other everything  about your past nor does it require you to answer every question that is asked of you.  Your past is your past. 

1. The number of people you have slept with.  Suppose someone tells you that they have slept with 75 people? What about 2? What about  35? Whatever the number, it is unnecessary information that only leads to judgment, resentment, and more questions.  Individuals who are new to the dating world often offer up this information to their mate.  It’s a rookie mistake.  The reality is that your past has nothing to do with the person you are currently with.

2. Intimate details.  Secure men or women don’t want to know details about their significant other’s past.  Don’t ask about them and don’t offer them.  Whether it is related to numbers or the location of your first date, it is not a good idea to discuss information that will lead to a comparison.  If you are or your partner Create new memories together without making your past an issue for either of you.

3. Your last significant other.  Whether it was your choice or their choice, you are no longer with your significant other.  Constantly bringing up their name to talk about what they did or what they said isn’t fair to your new mate or to your relationship.  Minimize the discussions about your exes.  Focus on what you have and not what you had.