5 Ways to Make Your Significant Other Feel Loved and Appreciated


  five ways to make your significant other feel loved 1. The Unexpected Love Note

Leave littles notes for them telling them how much you appreciate them. They can be short and sweet like, "Thank you for listening to me last night. I love you!" or "Thank you for giving the best hugs." Leave the notes in places around the house they are sure to look. Attach a post-it note to the remote, tape one to the bathroom mirror, or leave it on their pillow. You can also hide them in their pocket, briefcase, shoes, or laptop.

2. Surprise Them With a Card

Don't wait for a birthday or anniversary to purchase a card. Head to the store and pick up a "Just Because" card for your significant other.  I am also a sucker for a great homemade card. Grab a piece of paper, some markers, and create your own personal message. Choose a theme like: "I Love You Because..." "Five Reasons Why You are Great" "What I Miss About You When I am Away From You."

3. Leave a Message On the Mirror

Use your finger to write a message on the dry bathroom mirror. When your significant other steps out of the shower later that day, the steam will show your secret message. Crayola also makes window markers. You can purchase a pack from Amazon, write your message on the mirror, and easily clean it off with a damp paper towel. You can simply write "I love You", leave a romantic poem or quote, or make a list such as "The Ten Things I Love About You..."

4. Make Their Day

Pick a task or chore that is a part of your significant other's regular routine and do it for them. Whether it is filling up their gas tank, doing a load of laundry, packing their lunch, washing their car, or getting the kids ready in the morning, choose something that will make their day easier or ease their stress.

5. Bringing Home Their Favorite Something

Bring home their favorite drink from Starbucks or their favorite candy, childhood book, bottle of wine/beer, chocolate, flower, or magazine. A gift doesn't always have to cost a lot of money to be appreciated because it shows that you pay attention to the things they love the most.