Bruce Jenner and the Importance of Being Who You Are

Since Bruce Jenner’s interview with Diane Sawyer aired, every person I have talked to has asked me how I feel about the interview. Bruce defines himself as trangender, which is when the gender assignment you were born with, is not the gender that you identify with in your heart and soul.  The simple way to explain the interview is to say that Diane interviewed him about his transition from Bruce Jenner to a woman. The more accurate way to describe the interview is to say that it was the story of how pain, sorrow, and sadness morphed into courage, acceptance, and love.

The part of the interview that spoke to me the most was when I began thinking about a person who for over sixty years, was unable to be themselves.  At the end of the day, Bruce Jenner is no different from any one of us.  We are all trapped by our own inability to be who we are, at some point in our lives.  Some people become doctors or lawyers because that is what is expected of them.  Others stay in relationships or marriages because they fear what others will say.  And still there are those who feel trapped by the secrets they have kept inside.

To me, being happy is the most important thing in life.  Not being able to truly be who you are is exhausting and heart-breaking.  No one can ever experience true happiness when they cannot be themselves.  And that is what the interview was about for me: a person who finally made the decision to stop running from themselves, from their friends, from their families, and from society’s constraints.  I support any and every one on their journey to find happiness and to find themselves.  May life lead us all to a path that allows us to quiet the voices around us and to pay more attention to the booming voice within us.

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