Getting To Happy

It’s that time of year when people all over the world come up with their New Year’s resolutions.  January is a time when gyms are crowded beyond belief, diet websites see a tremendous upturn, and drug stores can’t seem to keep the nicotine patch on its shelves.  Search engines are overwhelmed with terms that include financial management, losing weight, how to quit smoking, finding love, and cutting back on drinking.  By the time February rolls around, gyms are back to seeing their regular customers, cigarette sales are at an all-time high, and the vodka industry is back on top.

People tend to make resolutions the same way they look for a significant other.  They focus on the big picture instead of the details.  If your goal is to lose weight, you may find yourself swallowing water with cayenne pepper and lemons and starving yourself, instead of working out, picking up yoga, or drinking less soda.

It’s no different from people who choose a goal of falling in love and getting married.  They may not think about whether their significant other supports their passions, makes them laugh, or is liked by their family.  Instead, they may end up married to a person who prioritizes everything over them, who isn’t liked by their friends, and puts all of their relationship business on Facebook and Twitter.

When someone tells me that they know a couple who has been married for fifty years, I’m not impressed.  When I find out they are still in love, they still laugh together, and they admire and respect each other, then I am impressed.  It’s the details I am interested in.

As the new year rolls in, rethink your resolutions.  Instead of losing 50 pounds, think about adding in more fruits and vegetables.  Instead of cutting things out of your life completely, think about adding things in.  Instead of looking for love, work on finding out who you are, exploring your passions, and finding out what makes you happy.

The more you know about yourself, the less you will fall for tricks and trends, whether it’s the latest diet or a new significant other who is feeding you lies.  Being insecure opens yourself up to others who feed on insecurities.  Being a person who saves others opens yourself up to people who need to be saved.   Being emotionally, spiritually, and physically healthy attracts the same thing in others.  So this year, think about growing personally, being healthy, and being happy.  Instead of focusing on the big picture, focus on the details.

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