It's Wedding Planning Time

Some of you may have noticed how my posts have become a little less frequent. I owe you a huge apology but I can explain. Something new has taken over my life. It's called wedding planning. Many of you know that my fiance and I met on eharmony. Just about a month ago, he proposed and we are getting married this fall.

My friend, who is a professional wedding planner, immediately began asking questions about my colors, what kind of dress I wanted, how many bridesmaids would I have. I had no idea. I hadn't spend one minute thinking about the wedding prior to that moment. "Are you serious? You never thought about your colors or where you would have it?" Nope. I have to be honest here: I spent my time focused on the relationship. In fact, when I called one of my good friends to tell her, she asked me to describe the ring. I had to turn to him and say, "Sweetly, what kind of ring is this?"

Right after we announced that we were engaged, the very next question was, "So when is the date?" We had no idea. It took us about two weeks to finally be pressured by our friends and family into choosing a date. We originally chose a date a year away. But my mother called and said, "Next year!! Why can't you get married this summer?" Needless to say, it' s been an overwhelming month of searching for dresses, invitations, venues, caterers and everything else in between.

When you have two friends who 1) planned out their entire wedding with 50 bridal magazines BEFORE they had a man and 2) designed their ring online for two weeks without a prospect in mind, it alters your perspective a little bit. I have spent all of my energy focused on enjoying life and my relationship and not a second on the wedding. Which, by the way, brings me to the here and now. I am currently in full wedding planning mode.

The reaction from our friends and family has been amazing. The second time that he met my fiance, my oldest brother, in true oldest brother form, looked over at him and said, "So when is the wedding? She can't do any better than you. YOU can, but she can't."When you have an ass for a brother, that is considered a compliment.

I also wanted to share a little but about the proposal, since "Let me see the ring" and "How did he propose" are the two questions I here most often. So here it is, from my perspective and from his. (I asked him if it was okay to share the story from our website.)

When it happened

Saturday, May 04, 2013

How we got engaged

Her view: On our very first date at La Tasca, Kimeu looked across the table and said, "I'm going to marry you one day."  On the night he proposed, we spent the evening tasting sangria and reminiscing about how we met. To this day, that very first date was one of the only times in my life that I was quiet. Between Kimeu's sense of humor, spirit, and heart, everything seemed way too good to be true.

Over three years later, it was all true. Before my father passed away, he used to call me a few times a week to talk about what a great guy Kimeu was. I knew I was on to something when Mrs. Spruill (half of the best couple I've ever known) referred to him as a junior Mr. Spruill. That was the greatest compliment ever.

After stashing the ring for almost a month, hiding it in his car, on the bookshelf, in a drawer, and in several other places, he finally brought it out of hiding and proposed. He was so nervous that had me thinking that he was revealing a deep, dark secret.

"Remember what I said to you on the first night we met? I want to spend the rest of my life with you." When I saw the ring, I thought it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I am excited to have Kimeu in my life forever and to have the laugh lines to prove how happy he makes me every single day of my life.

His view: I had been planning to ask Kristen to marry me for a month. There just was never a right time or place. I was super nervous and I kept looking at the ring at least two or three times a day during the week before I asked her. I spoke to my father and a few close family members about my plans. I asked Kristen's mother for her blessing and she immediately started smiling and hugging me, and said yes. If anyone knows Kristen's mom, she is not a hugger so I knew I had the thumbs up from her.

Kristen and I have a tradition of date night, every other weekend. On May 4, I hinted around about going out to dinner for date night and specifically about going to La Tasca, which is where we had our first date on February 13, 2010. Before we left, I put the ring box in a small pocket on my jacket sleeve. I noticed that she was looking at my jacket sleeve. We went to dinner and I planned on proposing at dinner but it just didn't feel like the right vibe at La Tasca. We ended up talking and I asked Kristen what I said to her at La Tasca. Three years ago on our first date, I told Kristen that I was going to marry her.

We eventually left La Tasca and came home. I decided that this was the right time. I started talking to Kristen, telling her that I had a secret that I had been holding from her for months and I really needed to get it off my chest. I told her how beautiful she was and how much I appreciated the fact that my kids loved her and she loved my children, and that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. Then I gave her the ring. So technically, I never asked her whether she would marry me. She reminded me about that the next day.