Keeping Date Night Alive

My husband and I still take the time to date each other, something that helps us keep the romance alive in our relationship.  On Thursday, my husband called and asked me to pack a bag for a surprise getaway.  On Friday evening, we jumped in the car and drove to our secret location.  About an hour and a half later, we turned off a dark two-lane highway and into the driveway of a beautiful bed & breakfast in Virginia Wine Country, called Serene Manor.

The next morning, Paul and his wife, Pamela, treated us to an incredible breakfast, just before we left to enjoy a beautiful 60 degree day.  After a trip to visit the shops of downtown Middleburg, we headed over to one of our favorite wineries, Bluemont Vineyard.  Just next door, we also had a chance to experience their new brewery, Dirt Farm Brewing.

We had an amazing stay in Virginia Wine Country.  It was just what we needed to recharge from months of family commitments, events, and just life in general.  Even after you are in a relationship, don't give up date nights with your significant other.  It is the best way to keep the romance alive.  Aside from that, all of us need a change of venue every now and then to allow us to refocus and gain clarity on what is important.