Pinterest and Why It Is Like Crack


I woke up this morning and read my friend’s status update: “What is Pinterest?” I figured that because I spend a little bit of time on the website, I am more than qualified to explain what it is. (By the term "a little bit" I simply mean that if you want to determine my loyalty to you, please don't ask me to choose between you and pinterest. You will end up with the short stick.)

Basically Pinterest is like crack. It is the greatest invention since Cinnamon Life cereal, the remote control, and poppycock. (Don’t judge me…lots of people like poppycock.)

To understand it, imagine that you are looking at a cork board. You see a picture from a magazine that you really like. It may be a window seat, a craft, a recipe, or a great quote. So you cut it out and pin it to the cork board. But what happens when the picture that you want to cut out is on a blog or a website? That’s where Pinterest comes in. Pinterest is a website that allows you to take whatever you find on the internet and pin it to an electronic board. Some websites and blogs make it easy for you by including the "Pin it" button. But even without the button, you can also upload any picture from your computer or from any website. You have the option of browsing other people’s boards or you can create boards with any kind of theme that you want. If I see a cute craft that I want to try at home, I pin it to my “How Creative” Board. If I see a fantastic quote, I’ll pin it to my “Quotes” board. If I want to pretend that I am in a magical island thousands of miles away from my computer screen, I’ll search for waterfalls or islands to pin to my “Inspiration” board.

One of the coolest things about Pinterest is that you can attach a website, source, or blog to the picture. So if I see a picture of red velvet cupcakes, I can click on the picture and be taken to the website that features the recipe.

If I added up all of the time that I’ve spent on Pinterest, it wouldn’t be pretty. I would probably be on that show Intervention. With all of the horrible things going on in the world, Pinterest is a place where I can escape and be with like-minded people who are extremely creative, worldly, intelligent, and funny. So if you ever want to escape from the 5 o’clock news, I’ll see you on Pinterest. Click here to check out my boards.