Podcast Interview - Are You Changing To Be In A Relationship?

Midlovecrisis Your B Code Podcast

If you have ever confided in your hairstylist, eyebrow lady, or nail technician, you are exactly why Bo Bogard created his podcast, Your B Code

For years, women have been asking for his advice on everything from how to style their hair to whether they should break up with their man. That's where I come in. 

Bo invited me to is podcast for a conversation about love, attraction, relationships, and everything in between.

What if your man doesn't like your natural hair? Should you change it? What if your interracial boyfriend seems to like your hair more than you?

Join us on Your B Code as we talk about changing to be in a relationship and how to attract the right relationship.

Head to bit.ly/midlovecrisispodcast to check me out on two podcasts:

How to Attract the Right Relationship


RU Changing U 2B in a Relationship?