Prince, Lovesexy, Slow Jams, and That Awkward moment

Today is Prince's birthday.  In seventh grade, my locker was covered with Prince pictures. I had every album he every made. When kids were sporting their Michael Jackson sequined gloves and red leather jackets, I had moved onto Prince. His love songs? Nobody could write or sing a slow song like Prince....Adore, The Beautiful Ones, Insatiable, International Lover, If I Was Your Girlfriend, Nothing Compares 2 U. I'd sit in my room, playing my slow jams tape (yes, I said tape...don't judge me) and dream about whoever I had a crush on at the time.

In college, my dad saw me playing Prince's LoveSexy CD. He immediately started laughing.  "Your Uncle Stephen got me really good one day. He showed me the album cover and covered up the face."

lovesexy prince

"Isn't she fine!?"

'I said, "Aw man, she is beautiful! She is fine!"'

And then my Uncle Stephen uncovered the face.

 prince lovesexy cd cover

Reliving the story, my dad laughed himself silly. After that, my love affair with Prince was weird. It was that awkward moment when you realize that your father thinks prince is 'fine'.

In honor of love, slow jams, and realizing that your musical idol is now 54 years old, Happy Birthday, Prince!