Regaining Your Happiness After Anger

regaining your happiness after anger.png

Anger is an emotion that can take us backward, keep us stuck, or move us in a completely different direction.  It is one of the only emotions that can propel you forward.  It makes us see that what we are being offered is not enough and it never was.

Don't let your happiness get smothered by anger. Let it take you and guide you in a completely different direction.

  • Get angry enough to leave a relationship that you know is not good for you.
  • Get angry enough to find your voice.
  • Get angry enough to try something different and new.
  • Get angry enough to surround yourself by friends and family and decide what is next.
  • Get angry enough to guide other women.
  • Get angry enough to start your own non-profit.
  • Get angry enough to look for another job and live out your true passions.
  • Get angry enough to leave your job all together and start our own business.

Strategic anger is one of the best emotions out there.  Because it forces us into a place that we never would have taken ourselves.

So in the next week, decide what are you angry about. And turn that anger into purpose, self-love, support for others, and goals.  Sadness makes us feel helpless.  Strategic anger moves us forward.