Relationship Myth #3 - You Will Change Back To The Person I Once Knew

Myth #3: My significant other has dramatically changed from the first few weeks but will eventually go back to being the person they were at the beginning of our relationship.

Imagine for a second that you see the previews for a movie and it looks fantastic. You wait weeks for it to come out. The day it is released, you call a friend, pay an outrageous amount of money for the tickets and some stale popcorn, and suffer through one of the worst movies ever made. After thirty minutes, you really hoped it would get better. After an hour, you figured that you had already wasted so much time that you may as well stay until the end. Two and a half hours later, you realize that you have just lost time that you can never get back. Driving home, you can't help but think, "But the previews looked so good," realizing that all the good parts were in the previews.

Some relationships can be just like going to a bad movie. In other words, you can experience an incredible trailer or preview of a person and then find yourself suffering through the relationship itself. You fall prey to a fantastic marketing and PR team disguised as the perfect man or woman. You spend a huge chunk of the relationship hoping it will get better. But just like that movie, you saw the best parts in the preview. The relationship itself doesn't hold a candle to the person you were originally introduced to.

With practice, your relationship and dating skills will improve. You will get better at choosing potential suitors instead of sticking with someone who is a taker and not a giver. We all eventually learn when a movie is simply a waste of our time, no matter how much we went through or gave up to be in the theater in the first place. But most of us are destined to suffer through a few incredible trailers that accompany some awful movies. Pretty soon, we will see that is better to grab our coats and exit the theater than to hope that it gets better.