Ten Free or Low Cost Valentine’s Day Ideas

1)      Top ten list. Use an expo marker and a mirror to write a list of the things that you love about your significant other. (Don’t worry—it wipes off with a paper towel)

2)      Have a scavenger hunt.  Hide a bunch of love notes with clues that tell your significant other where to find the next one.  Hide them all over the house or use the books on your book shelf.  You can also have a scavenger hunt in one or two of your favorite restaurants.  Get the hostess and bartender involved.  Once they hear, “Do you have something for me?” that is their code word to give your significant other a card or a gift.

3)      Love notes.  Hide love sticky notes in cabinets, on the remote, and behind doors.

4)      Make dinner.  Instead of reservations, turn your living room into a restaurant.  Choose a recipe from a website, turn down the lights, light some candles, and have a romantic evening at home.

5)      Favorite things. Create a basket filled with your significant other’s favorite things.  Include snacks, candies, chocolates, sodas, beer, coffee, wine, books, cds, movies, etc.

6)      Texts and Emails.  Ask your significant other’s friends and family to text or email you one thing they love about him or her.  Compile them in a card and present the love notes to your significant other.

7)      Make a video collage.  Use Animoto or imovie to upload photos or videos of your significant other.  Add quotes, words, or music.  Instead of card, you can create a personalized movie.

8)      Love Texts.  Send a love text every couple of hours to your significant other.

9)      Have a movie night at home. Pick out a couple of your significant other’s favorite movies.  Have a few boxes of their favorite movie candy, popcorn, and create a movie night in your living room.

10)   Write a poem.  If you don’t write poetry, collect a bunch of your favorite quotes from your favorite poems or poets. (Be sure to give them credit). Buy a Pablo Neruda poetry book and leave a book mark in your favorite poem.