Why Some People Need a Diary Instead of a Facebook Account



some people need a diary instead of a facebook account

I never know what I am going to find when my facebook newsfeed pops up. I love catching up with old and new friends but sometimes I am tempted to delete my account altogether. Why, you ask? Because some people abuse their facebook privileges by exposing every thought, meal, conversation, and every ounce of their relationship drama.

At times, I get confused and think I am watching ESPN as I am given me the facebook status play-by-play of break-ups, arguments, divorces, and incidents of infidelity. It's the kind of stuff that makes me sigh....very deeply.

For people going through those events, they are looking for someone to vent to in their personal times of anger, sadness, hurt, or shame. That is what a real friend is for. I'd like to make an announcement, people: Facebook, is not your friend! It is a tool that exposes all of your business to hundreds of people. It's like having a skywriting plane, a bullhorn, a billboard, and a television ad all in one. When your arguments are over and your breakups are finished, your entire network still remembers how you embarrassed your partner, exposed your secrets, and gave away intimate details about things they never asked you about.

On facebook you can put ANYTHING in a status message and you are guaranteed to get at least one person to "like" your status or leave a comment in support of whatever you say. In a way, facebook lulls us into a false sense of believing that everything we write is validated, proper, and appropriate. What you don't see are the people who are deleting you as friends, hiding your status updates, or talking about how inappropriate you are to share what you did.

I often tell people that how a potential mate talks about their ex should be one of the factors you look at when you are deciding whether or not to pursue a relationship. If a person degrades their ex, calls them all kinds of names, and blames them for everything that occurred in the relationship, consider that a red flag. You are next in line for that kind of treatment. Facebook is no different. A person who exposes their business to the online world will also do that to you. With that being said, facebook is not the place for your relationship drama. Buy a diary and use it.