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Thursday, May 11th 8-9:15 pm EST- Join us for Women, Wine, and Wisdom.

Sign up for the fun and join me along with Karen Schechter, as we talk about the secrets to a happy fulfilled & successful relationship.

Let’s face it: How we feel in our intimate relationships can impact every aspect of our life! And yet many women, whether single or partnered, often feel stuck and unfulfilled.

As girls, we learn that we’re supposed to “attract” a relationship, but we don’t necessarily learn how to attract the “right” one or how to sustain a fulfilling happy relationship once we are partnered!

Many women lose themselves in the quest for intimacy, or give up the dream that true intimate connection is possible. In this interview, relationship-expert Kristen Crockett, will share the secrets to both attract - and sustain - true fulfillment in your relationship.

She’ll talk about the importance of knowing what you (truly) want; how your beliefs affect your partner (or your future partner); how your fantasy may be hurting you (and what you need to do instead); and the most effective ways to communicate your desires and needs, without scaring off your partner (or future partner).

This interview is for you whether you’re single, partnered, separated, or hopelessly in-love.