Speaking and Workshops

“Kristen’s enthusiasm and energy engages the crowd in a way that breaks down the usual barrier that exists between a speaker and audience. She makes you want to be there and she gets you involved in the topic.”
— K. Simmons

Energy. Passion. Inspiration.

  • Keynote speeches
  • Motivational speeches for youth groups, women’s organizations or churches
  • Group training or workshops for employees at various companies
  • Breakout sessions at conferences
  • Webinars or other online training for organizations
  • Half-day or full-day trainings for companies and organizations.

Keynote Speaking & Workshop Topics


  • Women and Leadership: From Hiding to Thriving in the Workplace

This interactive session is designed specifically for women. Through small and large group discussions women learn about resources, tips, and techniques that allow them to elevate their leadership, grow their communication skills and thrive in the workplace.

  • 7 Tips to Jump-Start Your Work-Life Balance

Are you suffering from "Super Human" syndrome - trying to excel in your role while juggling your personal life? This session will provide you with tips on how to find the right balance to manage challenges in the workplace and at home. Discover ways to:

-Prioritize what's important to gain more time in your day- and get your life back

-Create better boundaries at home and at work

-Take back control of your happiness

  • Image and Brand: Tips for Building Your Personal Brand

Learn how to develop your personal and professional brand with tips to that help you create an image and brand strategy.

  • Developing a Corporate Mentor Program: Creating a Culture of Excellence

Kristen shares her tips for creating a successful Corporate Mentorship program where over 45% of alumni have been promoted. Learn best practices for creating buy-in, selecting the right applicants, assessments, training, setting expectations, data collection, and mentor/mentee pairing.

  • Landing Your Dream Job: How to Get The Job You Want

From resume tips to shifting your mindset, this session provides the tips you need to apply, interview, and land your dream job.

  • Speed Networking: Beyond the Small Talk

Speed Networking is a fun way to meet other business professionals that goes above and beyond small talk.  This session allows people to explore their interests, learn about exciting topics, and meet other amazing people.

  • Leading With Emotional Intelligence: Jump-starting Success in The Workplace

This sessions explores:

• What emotional intelligence is

• The vital elements of emotional intelligence

• How to become more emotionally intelligent

• How emotional intelligence can improve performance and success in the workplace

  • Creating a Culture of Recognition: 7 Steps to Engaging Your staff

Recognition Ideas for Small Budgets with a BIG Impact!

  • Leading a Multi-Generational Workforce: Are We Really All That Different?

    • At one point, every generation was labeled with the exact same stereotypes as the youngest generation. This session taps into the unique influences and events of each generation and provides tips for bridging the technology and communication gaps.

  • Improving Workplace Communication Through DiSC©

    • DiSC© is a phenomenal tool that helps people improve their leadership skills, communicate better, and learn how NOT to take behaviors personally.

  • Effective Communication: Improving Personal and Professional Relationships

From your communication skills to your networking skills, this interactive session helps boost your confidence, shift your mindset, and gives you the tools you need to be an effective communicator at home and in the office.


Kristen Crockett is a not just another talking-head. Her down-to-earth blend of of humor, engagement, story telling, and authenticity create an interactive experience that leave her audience inspired and motivated with take-a-ways they can use immediately.