Kristen took me further in five minutes than a coach I had worked with for three months.
— Melissa S.
Kristen’s coaching gave me the foundation that helped prepare me for each career advancement. Her veteran experience made all the difference as I have moved up the corporate ladder. Our weekly sessions were a safe space that gave me a sounding board to express challenges as well as strategies and exercises to overcome them.
— N. Williams, Facebook
Kristen put the puzzle pieces together for me, the non-obvious pieces of my past that color my present. She helped me figure out the connection and how they affect me, my choices, and my repeated mistakes. She helped me figure out the why behind it all and gave me the path, tools, and action steps to do something different.
— Lisa R.
I went to Kristen for life coaching. I struggled with creating boundaries in my personal and professional life and wanted to ensure that I was in the right relationship.

Kristen makes sense out of layers of nonsense. You give her a whole bag full of relationships, life, and stories and she is able to connect it and pull it all together.

She is so connected to people and to the world. She has a sincere nature but is also willing and able to be honest. She makes sense out of everything and then provides you with the resources to help you reach your goals.
— Tiffany B.

Speaking & Workshops

As part of our employee wellness programming Kristen led a great session on work-life balance. She guided us through fun activities that helped each of us better reflect on what makes us tick and facilitated open dialogue among the staff to share observations, goals and challenges. I walked away with a better awareness of my values and how they impact my balance, as well as a better appreciation for my colleagues and their lives inside and outside of work.
— Allison N., American Nurses Association
You exceeded any and all expectations I had about what you’d do with the scholars in the workshops. What you did to enhance their growth definitely changed lives this past weekend at the retreat. I witnessed scholars who were usually shy, timid, and embarrassed about being intelligent open up like never before. Today, the scholars all raved about how refreshed they feel and how excited they are about the work we’ll be doing this year. They even did the motivation chant you taught them just before my lesson that echoed through the halls on the second floor! I thank you.
— Victor Bryant, Teacher
“Top notch facilitation that brings about authentic change. Participants leave feeling empowered and renewed.”
— Aaron Wade, DB Consulting
Kristen Crockett’s training was thought-provoking, interactive, and custom-designed to meet the needs of our team. I would definitely recommend her to organizations looking to break the training mold and strengthen team communication.”
— Shana Pana, Team Building Client
“One of the best trainings I’ve had! What a way to start the year!”
— Teacher at YouthBuild Public Charter School
The leadership development was great! I learned a lot and now I have clear ideas to implement in my classroom with my students.
— Teacher at YouthBuild Public Charter School